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The process is simple:

  • Do what you already do, enter your typical crop inputs (seed, fertilizers, pesticides) in clearly defined areas.
  • Enter your costs (fuel, wages, insurance, etc.) in clearly defined areas.
  • Enter the specifics of your operation (acres, crops, selling prices, etc.).
  • Start seeing your true costs immediately. It's that simple.

Croppricer uses the most appropriate and effective features of Microsoft® Excel to identify your true costs for all input options and provides you with a complete picture of where you invest and made your investments. You will know exactly what your expenses are for every area of crop production. All being displayed in a way that allows you to easily analyze expenditures for possible savings.

Croppricer continues to work for you all season long. You can instantly update your True Cost of Production as yield expectations change, prices change, etc. Croppricer also provides you with an average sales price for all committed sales of your crops. The program helps you maximize every input dollar at the beginning of your season; plus, Croppricer helps manage your crop sales throughout the season by updating your True Cost of Production.

If you believe that "you can deal with anything, if you know what you're dealing with," Croppricer should be in your intellectual "machine shed."


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Introduction to Croppricer

What is Croppricer
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Interview with Max Armstrong

Interview with Max Armstrong and Harold Lindsey
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