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  • Determine true cost of production
  • Croppricer shows the total expense in all areas of crop production
  • Croppricer displays instant crop profit comparisons
  • Croppricer instantly calculates the most cost effective options
  • Track misc expenses
  • Budget expenditures
  • Track crop sales data commitments
  • Croppricer summarizes your marketing plan



Precision Farming for Expenses!

Manage all your crop inputs for less than $.17 per day.


Welcome to Croppricer™!

This new and unique tool is as important as any piece of equipment within your operation. It also costs less. And, you can efficiently operate it with virtually no training.

Croppricer incorporates one of the world's most popular (and easiest to use) spreadsheet programs. Utilizing existing information, Croppricer converts your raw input into customized information that is accurate, meaningful and easy to understand.

Croppricer is the simplest and most accurate method for you to get your hands around critical crop cost information; AND make intelligent and informed decisions.

We've done most of your homework. Now, let's finish it!


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Introduction to Croppricer

What is Croppricer
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Interview with Max Armstrong

Interview with Max Armstrong and Harold Lindsey
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